There are many people that would agree that physical activity of any kind provides numerous benefits to individuals of any age.   However, it is very essential for children to engage in recreational activities and sports.   A child’s involvement in team sports will help him or her to become even more healthy and develop physical traits.  However, a child will develop essential character traits that will help him or her to succeed in the activity.  These character traits also serve as a foundation for them as they go through their daily lives. 

An activity that allows a child to grow from both a physical and psychological standpoint is the game of basketball.    As soon as a child puts on a pair of basketball shorts, there is a great chance that he or she will grow in one way or another.  We will provide further depth on this in this piece. 

A child that plays basketball at a young age will have to develop certain skills such as dribbling, passing and catching.   Additionally, they will have to learn to pivot in order to get an open shot or to drive to the basket.   Thus, a child will develop increased motor skills due to the fact that all of the child’s muscle groups will be utilized.    By being involved in basketball, a child will develop increased hand-eye coordination and flexibility. 

Additionally, a child will develop increased endurance by playing basketball.   It is no secret that a youth basketball coach will put the child through exercises and drills that will serve to increase the child’s stamina during basketball games.   As a result of this, a child will be in better shape for basketball as well as other physical activities. 

Finally, the game of basketball will provide many psychological benefits to a child.   Given that basketball is a team sport, a child will grow in terms of social and communicative skills by participating in this team activity.  Not only will they learn how to converse with others, they will also learn how to understand other people.   A child will learn the importance of unity and teamwork.    Most importantly, a child will learn the importance of a team working together and how it contributes to success.  

A child will also have the invaluable experience of operating in a competitive environment at an early stage.   They will grow in character traits by learning how to be a good sport when winning.  Most importantly, they learn the importance of maintaining good character while losing.  This is a valuable trait that will help a child to experience tremendous personal growth. 

August 06, 2023 — Jeremiah Oglesby