As basketball fans, we are in a constant state of shock, awe and admiration everytime we watch a player fly through the air with the greatest of ease for a windmill dunk or a blocked shot.   We are even more awed when an NBA player dunks on another player. 

Vince Carter was famous for providing such highlights whether they'd be in-game or during the 2000 NBA Slam Dunk Contest.   Yet, an even more impressive feat is the 5"7 Spud Webb winning the 1986 Slam Dunk Contest or the 5"9 Nate Robinson winning the NBA Slam Dunk Contest 3 times. 

These accomplishments wouldn't have been achieved without a dedicated effort on the part of NBA players when it comes to working on their vertical leaps.  NBA players use many exercises in order to ensure that they have an optimal vertical leap.  We will go over some of those techniques in this piece. 

1.Box Jumps: This drill aids players with developing explosive power and strength in their legs. It involves jumping onto a box or platform and then jumping back down. 

For optimal results, one has to make sure that they are exploding off of the ground as high as they possibly can. 

A master of the box jump is Memphis Grizzlies PG Ja Morant.  A couple of months ago, Ja Morant pulled off an unbelievable 62 inch box jump.  The feat was captured on social media.  

It is no wonder that Ja Morant can pull off  some of the stunning in-game dunks that he accomplishes. 

  1. Single-Leg Hops: Single-Leg Hops helps players to develop balance and coordination while in the process of jumping. It involves hopping on one leg while keeping the other leg off the ground.

When you think of an NBA player that has perfected the single-leg hop, the first player that comes to mind is Lebron James.  It is said that Lebron James can jump as high as 44 inches off of on one leg.  Many of Lebron James's dunk involve him jumping off of one legs so that there is more power in his jump. 

  1. Broad Jumps: This drill helps players develop power as well as a great deal of explosiveness in their legs. It involves jumping forward as far as possible while keeping the feet together.   

Surely, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Zach Lavine have engaged in broad jump training in order for them to accomplish jumping all the way from the free throw line for a dunk. 

March 10, 2023 — Jeremiah Oglesby