Even when you're playing a simple pickup game of basketball, one should not go on the basketball court without preparing for any and all scenarios.  Many basketball players go on the court with just a basketball and nothing else. 

A basketball player would be best served to have a backpack full of essential items that they will need for a variety of scenarios that are bound to come along.   In this piece, we will look at the items that an avid basketball player should carry in their backpack. 

  1. Basketball

Many may look at this first item and may be puzzled how a basketball could end up on this list.  However, it is quite convenient for an individual to carry the ball in a backpack as opposed to dribbling the ball to the park. 

There are backpacks and bags that are specifically designed to hold basketballs.  Nike has product offerings such as Nike Hoops Elite Pro Basketball Backpack and Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0. 

The Wilson brand also has backpacks such as the NBA Forge Backpack and the Wilson Evolution Backpack that are geared towards carrying basketball backpacks.

  1. Water bottle

Just like any and all physical activities, it is very important for a player on any level to stay hydrated.  If you're going to play an intense basketball game on any level, it would be quite wise to bring one or multiple bottles of water.   After all, one may never know whether you may end up playing more pickup games than usual.

  1. Towel

Basketball players should absolutely ensure that they pack their own towel in their backpack.  You don't want to be caught in a situation in which you are using someone's else's towel to wipe your perspiration.  It is not the safest way to go. 

  1. First Aid Kit. 

With a sport such as basketball, there is no doubt that a player will experience physicality in some form that might lead to a bruise, cut or some other ailment. Thus, it's very essential that players should walk with a first aid kit in case such a scenario arises. 

  1. Healthy Snacks.

A player will need all the energy in the world while playing basketball.   Thus, it's a good idea to pack some healthy snacks in your backpack.  Some good options to consider are sports energy bars, peanut butter sandwiches, egg sandwiches, nuts and bananas. 

March 02, 2023 — Jeremiah Oglesby