In many sports, there is no doubt that athletes will need to have the appropriate level of stamina needed to achieve success.  Given that each sport will differ in terms of the physicality and endurance required, the exercises that a particular athlete will need to do may differ depending on the sport. .

A different exercise regimen is needed for an athlete that is looking to get in basketball shape as opposed to other sports such as baseball and hockey. 

In this piece, we will go over how an athlete can increase stamina in basketball with physical exercise.  

Before one goes through the rigorous task of increasing their stamina in basketball, it is important for him or her to know the current status of their physical stamina before embarking on this endeavor. From there, it will be easier to plan a more effective approach.   This is useful for NBA players who are looking to enhance their physical body and/or embarking on a long road back from serious injury. 

There is no question that speed is required in basketball.  In order to increase the speed that is needed for basketball, the use of treadmills is a very useful option for potential athletes. 

It is best to use the speed of the treadmill to 6 miles per hour as it will serve in simulating a run.   Use your watch to see how long you can run at the aforementioned pace that was set up before switching to a different pace.   This will be a true test of your current stamina. 

In addition, basketball players need to incorporate running for long distances outdoors.  After all, this is the best way to prepare for running up and down on a basketball court.   Aim to increase the length of your long distance time each time you run.  A good idea may be to run with  basketball backpacks to increase the challenge. . 

Another solid option for increasing your stamina is to engage in interval training.  Interval training involves walking for three minutes and then sprinting for 2 minutes.  After that, one can switch to a jog.  This process should be repeated each time you run. 

Another great exercise is a workout known as the basketball mile drill.   The basketball mile drill involves jogging for 20 seconds.  After that, individuals should increase the pace of their jog to a sprint for the next 20 seconds.  The next step is to keep jumping forward for 20 more seconds before finishing it off with a twenty second walk. 

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June 19, 2023 — Jeremiah Oglesby