If you have played any sport or physical activity in your life, one can agree that there is a sizable amount of risk that one assumes.   One can assume that there are going to be situations and scenarios in which injuries and other dangers are involved.   This is certainly the case when it comes to basketball.   As a casual or professional basketball player, one must be aware of these dangers and be prepared to meet such challenges head on.    In this article, we are going to explore the dangers of basketball. 

It goes without saying that the biggest dangers in basketball revolve around the potential for serious injuries.    Of course, injuries can happen in any scenario.   One can get an injury from simply carrying a basketball backpack on their back. 

Given that basketball involves a lot of physicality, it is no surprise that injuries will occur as a result.   Eye injuries occur quite a bit during basketball games due to players being accidentally hit in the eyes by accidental fingers or elbows.     According to a sports parenting resource by the names of “Moms Team”, the game of basketball is one of the leading causes of eye injuries amongst children. 

The most frequent injuries that basketball players experience are strains.   Sprains involve a tear of the ligaments that surround a joint.   A study by the National Athletic Trainers Association found that sprains are the leading cause of injuries amongst high school basketball players.    Strains are another injury that frequently comes up among basketball players.    Strains are defined as a tear of a muscle or tendon. 

It is no secret that the maintenance of your lower body is very critical for success in basketball.  Unfortunately,  the vast majority of basketball injuries are lower body injuries.   According to the National Athletic Trainers Association, the most frequent body part that is injured amongst basketball players is the ankle/foot area.  The 2nd  most injured body part is the hip/thigh/leg area. 

Frequent injuries to these areas can have a significant impact on a basketball players’ career.  Consider the damage that lower body injuries have had on prominent players such as Derrick Rose, Grant Hill and Penny Hardaway. 

Of course, one must be aware of the scenarios in basketball in which injuries occur the most.   The National Athletic Trainers Association found that basketball injuries usually occur when players are diving for loose balls.   They also mention that rebounding is another potentially dangerous scenario.   Given the fact that there is a lot of physical activity and battling for rebounds in the paint area, this is not a surprise.

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June 13, 2023 — Jeremiah Oglesby